diumenge, 10 d’octubre del 2010

Parc Natural del Delta del Ebre

The Delta natural Park is placed on the Ebre river's mouth, in the province of Tarragona, between Biax Ebre and Montsia regions, in the most Catalonia sutherner place. It was appointed natural park in august 1983, and extended in 1986. Nowadays it has a total area ot 7.736 hectares.

The Ebre river, the most plentiful one in the Iberian Peninsula, is the main responsible of this setting, contribuiting to pull uo some of the sediments of its own source in order to place them here, in the Mediterranean sea joint. Therefore, the sediments are materials which come from the Pyrenees, Iberian mountains and Cantabrian range, where the river and its affluents have their sorce. This amount of sediments have developed in a more than 320 km2 of surface, in which have been formed lots of different habitats. The current shape of the Delta is lihke an "arrow" perfectly drawn which seeps 22 km trough the sea. Therefore it becomes in the second biggest Delta in the Mediterranean sea, after the Delta Nile which is the first one.

The Ebre Delta is the largest humidity zone in catalonia and it has and important international reconnaisance for 8 different kind of plants and 69 different vertebrate spieces ( fauna), most of them birds. There are about 95 different spicies that make their nest here, rest and feed themselves during the migartion process. The delta shelters about 325 different spicies of birds about the 600 ones that exist in Europe.